We are excited to introduce our new product, FinPro. This offering uses blockchain technology to improve upon the many flaws currently existing in Germany’s investment industry.

Our Mission:

To offer exclusive products to investors who have been previously incapable of accessing these types of investments.

Our Desired Results:

FinPro seeks to introduce the German populace to traditionally difficult to access, high-quality assets like real estate financing and diversified debt. Our company intends to realize this goal in a manner that is cheap, efficient, and user-friendly. Thus, FinPro intends to be the first platform to simply and efficiently provide a range of tokenized assets to investors who normally would be unable to access these products. In this manner, FinPro successfully unlocks additional capabilities of blockchain to democratize and modernize the investment industry.

How We’ll Get There:

Blockchain and crowdfunding technologies are revolutionary products that can improve a vast array of industries and functions. In the investment industry, digital securities have successfully opened a range of investment products to individuals who traditionally would be unable to access them by vastly decreasing investment minimums and having less intensive accreditation requirements. In this same industry, blockchain has automated, streamlined, sped up, and cheapened a wide range of processes, making the transactions involved in investing substantially faster and less expensive than ever before.

However, no company has successfully combined blockchain and crowdfunding methods and utilized the two to improve upon weaknesses in the investment industry.

That’s where FinPro comes in.

FinPro is a blockchain-based digital securities platform that fractionalizes and tokenizes traditionally stable and high-return assets, which it then sells to investors. Its products will initially be both equity and debt-based real estate products. Subsequently, diversified debt and loan products will be incorporated. Eventually, FinPro will offer investment fund company shares and other investments.

In this manner, FinPro will achieve its goal of making investing easy, cheap, and accessible for all Germans, effectively democratizing Germany’s investment industry.

We hope you are as eager as we are about this revolutionary product. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more details about FinPro’s product and how you can get involved!